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  1. H2O

    Nepenthes truncata

    Noticed this a couple days ago! This is the second time this plant has flowered.
  2. H2O

    Canada Post updates

    They’re temporarily suspending all deliveries to Vancouver Island while the smoke is around. Not sure if the effect pick up though. I think just home delivery.
  3. H2O

    Pitchers getting some size

    Colin’s veitchii is stunning and the pictures don’t do it justice! It was originally from the EP group order we did 9 years ago. Here is another picture of his plant.
  4. H2O

    Video Uploading Added

    You can test all day with those kinds of videos! Great looking plants.
  5. H2O

    Video Uploading Added

    Hello everyone! We’ve updated some stuff and added the ability to upload short videos directly from your phone or computer to the forum. Right now it’s limited to around 6mb, which we think will translate to 15-20 seconds of video for the average phone. If members think that raising this limit...
  6. H2O

    Hello from Courtenay on Vancouver Island.

    Welcome! Always nice to see another bog wanderer! Always feel free to share photos.
  7. H2O

    Vancouver Island: Walbran valley Aug 29 2020

    Walbran and Bogging? Count me in!
  8. H2O

    Vancouver Island: bog hike June 27 2020

    It was a spectacular day for sure!! My photos aren’t nearly as good (and many are of the same plant so I won’t post those haha) but here are some highlights. These bogs are really a magically place in the fog. “The Carpet” Drosera x obovata, the plants are massive and really show the hybrid...
  9. H2O

    Vancouver island: bog hike June 6 2020

    I’m sure we could arrange that, it’s fairly easy to get into the bogs, we are planning to go back every few weeks.
  10. H2O

    Vancouver island: bog hike June 6 2020

    I didn’t take too many pictures but can add these! Super fun day, can’t wait to hit it up again in a couple weeks.
  11. H2O

    Happy birthday!

    I will look into seeing if we can publicly show birthdays! That was definitely a fun one!
  12. H2O

    Willy's terrarium

    Awesome little terrarium! The plants and moss should love it.
  13. H2O

    Greetings from Victoria

    Welcome! Always nice to have another Victorian around! Carson is a good friend to have and will help enable the plant addiction.
  14. H2O

    Drosera binata var.multifida f.extrema

    I find the best one that stays up is multifida, I have a large plant in a 5 gallon pot and It typically flushes out and stays upright, basically has so many leaves that they balance each other.
  15. H2O

    Neps in a gh

    Under deciduous trees is a great place to grow Nepenthes in the summer, typically only morning and dappled sunlight and usually much cooler. A lot of orchid growers do the same thing around here, fruit trees are the favourite in our area.
  16. H2O

    ON - Britannia Conservation Area - Mud Lake - Ottawa

    Done! Moved them both! If you have troubles editing the title or text just let me know.
  17. H2O

    ON - Britannia Conservation Area - Mud Lake - Ottawa

    Perfect! I can move them into the database section if you would like.
  18. H2O

    Neps in a gh

    In your southern Ontario heat and sun you will need some shading for sure, 50-60% would probably be need if they get full sun all day. Some species can handle the bright light and get very rigid and waxy leaves but others (like sanguinea and ventricosa) will cook and sunburn pretty quickly.
  19. H2O

    ON - Britannia Conservation Area - Mud Lake - Ottawa

    This one is Utricularia macrorhiza! It’s the North American equivalent to U. vulgaris and up until a few years ago used to be considered the same species.
  20. H2O

    Hello from Ottawa

    Welcome! I’m glad you came over and joined so quickly, I’m also happy to see so many photos going into the database, don’t ever feel like you are posting too many! We will enjoy every picture!