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  1. Smilodonichthys

    Bear lake bogs-Vancouver island-B.C.

    Found with the more common for our area D.rotundifolia
  2. Smilodonichthys

    Bear lake bogs-Vancouver island-B.C.

    This location is one of my favourite bogs on Vancouver island. I wanted to share it because I know many of you like to see the plants and habitat that the carnivores we love grow with in the wild. It would be great to see carnivorous plant habitat and associated plants that others have come...
  3. Smilodonichthys

    Smilodonichthys' Pictures

    I thought it might be nice to share some pictures of my carnivorous plants. Some pictures of my non-carnivorous bog plants can be found in the other outdoor plants section of the forum. Drosera rotundifolia Sarracenia oreophila Pinguicula macroceras grown from seed or gemmae.
  4. Smilodonichthys

    My bog plants

    Many of you seemed interested in the half barrel bog that I posted a picture of in my introduction post so I thought I would share some more. I will try and post more pictures throughout the year whenever something is blooming or looking interesting. I will post pictures of the carnivorous...
  5. Smilodonichthys

    BC west coast of southern Vancouver island

    Groundwater seep on the canyon wall of a river. Late May
  6. Smilodonichthys

    Hello. I am so happy to have found this forum!

    Most of my experience has been in growing bog associated plant species and that has led me to become interested in carnivorous plants. I am looking forward to learning from you all and sharing what I have learned about growing carnivorous plants and bog gardening. I added a picture of one of my...