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  1. tylergotatie

    Unknown nepenthes red leaves

    I've got a nepenthes of unknown variety that I moved into a new terrarium. When I initially moved it in, the leaves were green and the pitchers were small and few. Now after being in there for 20 days, the leaves are turning red, the new leaves are fully red, and it has 4 new pitchers (two of...
  2. tylergotatie

    Hi from Eastern Ontario

    Thanks, I don't mist now that the humidity has stabilized so high, when I was still getting the fans setup properly the humidity was not stable yet and misting would be required.
  3. tylergotatie

    Hi from Eastern Ontario

    Hi, I'm so excited to get back into the hobby after about a decade away. I've got two terrariums setup with a variety of plants thanks to some of the local growers. The plan is to have a subtropical tank and a tropical one, for now they are the same (mid 20c and high light, high humidity). As I...