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  1. Daremo

    Grow lights?

    I use Root Farm lights ( found on Amazon and in Canadian Tire) as well as lights from Willy
  2. Daremo

    What are you listening to right now?

    (1) FEUERSCHWANZ ft. Melissa Bonny - Ding (SEEED Cover) | Napalm Records - YouTube
  3. Daremo

    My project is to show how people grow their nepenthes on windowsill

    At least you had help hehehe My wife just stood there and laughed at me setting up this thing and wearing the tent more often than not.
  4. Daremo

    Is This Hydro Clay Safe For CPs?

    I use hydro balls as a base layer under my sphagnum moss and it has served me well so far. Had to wash then first though due to a lot of dust in the bag.
  5. Daremo

    Good Trader and Nursery List

    Fresh off potting up 3 more from Labine, another great transaction.
  6. Daremo

    Lost packages

    I just went through that with a package from Labine, where it was delivered to the wrong address. I put in a ticket and went to the post office, Monday they called me and confirmed the address as they found the package and redelivered it. Thanks to great packaging on Labine's part all of the...
  7. Daremo

    Plants for sale

    I am looking hehe
  8. Daremo

    Quick Queen Question

    I read somewhere that currency reprinting would take place either 2023 or 2024 And in the same article , it said that the "cost" of the queens passing would top a billion dollars worldwide.
  9. Daremo

    [Closed] B-day Giveaways

    Happy belated birthday Willy
  10. Daremo

    Let it snow❄❄❄Victoria BC⛄⛄⛄

    Feel free to come and get some of it from Calgary any time now and maybe send us some warm air again LOL
  11. Daremo

    Willy's sundew

    Ya willy has his strength back , he can hold his cameras again YAY
  12. Daremo

    CarsonH photos

    Send me the one on the left of the one on the right would you hahaha very cool pics
  13. Daremo

    Indoor Systemic Bug Spray 250ml sample pack

    1.Jonathan 2. vinh.tran 3. Troy West 4. ekmek 5. Rug 6. Sib 7. Ania 8.DaremoAlpha 9. 10. Please and thank you
  14. Daremo

    Willy's health update

    So now you can water your plants again ..... that should be a lot of exercise for you. Congrats on doing so well do far, keep fighting the good fight.
  15. Daremo

    Maxsea Canada

    I ordered from Amazon too
  16. Daremo

    Just wondering...

    I have some green ones in a different tray but never seen the grey before. Thanks for the input
  17. Daremo

    Just wondering...

    So this Gignatea x Moctezumae from @Labine came with friends. I have never seen anything with this shade of grey before, any ideas?
  18. Daremo


    Maybe it helped rehome some of your squirrels hehehe
  19. Daremo

    Peat moss from whole sale stores safe?

    Sphagnum Moss 40 Liters New Zealand AAA Grade Great for Reptiles, Bedding and Terrarium 500 Gram Bale : Pet Supplies Actually found some on Amazon again, bit pricey but for my collection I should not run out for a very long time (maybe LOL )
  20. Daremo

    Mexican Pinguicula Lighting

    this is what I have over my pings and they don't seem to hate it Root Farm™ - LED Grow Light - Grow Hydro at Home