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  1. nepnewbie

    Some Surplus Sarracenias

    My bog planters are getting crowded, so I will have a few plants of Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok' and Sarracenia x 'Dixie Lace' for sale. Please pm for details if interested. Location- Southwestern Nova Scotia.
  2. nepnewbie

    Cattleya purpurata 'werkhauseri' or 'schusteriana'

    First bloom on Cattleya purpurata for me (formerly Laelia purpurata). I have been trying to find var.'werkhauseri' with a slate blue lip, and this came to me labelled as such. To my eye, it is more amethyst purple, suggesting it may actually be var. schusteriana. In any event, it is a keeper!
  3. nepnewbie


    Hi Dewy, I don't know where you are located, but I did get Pogonia ophioglossoides from @Labine a few years ago. If you are located in NS, NB, or PEI, Bunchberry Nursery in Nova Scotia currently carries the following for pickup or shipping within the region: Cyp reginae, Cyp parviflorum, Cyp...
  4. nepnewbie


    Lycaste puntarenasensis var. boquete is quite a mouthful to say! I am really happy that it seems to like it here in Nova Scotia. I picked it up last April at an Ecuagenera pop-up event. Although it bloomed in July, it is blooming again, but just a single flower. Nice, light fragrance as well...
  5. nepnewbie

    N veitchii Questions

    Happy New Year, everyone! I would love to see how people are growing N. veitchii. I have a plant that is rambling over the edge of its pot, twisting around and growing up over itself. It is now developing two basal shoots. I may need to repot it later this summer, and am looking for options on...
  6. nepnewbie

    Swan Orchid

    Right now the house is full of the 'Juicy Fruit Gum' like scent of Cycnoches warscewiczii, one of the "Swan Orchids". Last year, I inadvertently damaged the emerging spike, so it failed to bloom. In 2021 it produced a single flower, and the scent was pretty potent. This year, the two blooms are...
  7. nepnewbie


    My understanding of supermarket ginger is that it is treated with something to delay or prevent sprouting. Soaking the rhizomes in water for 24 hours before planting them, should reduce the time it takes for the dormant rhizomes to start growing.
  8. nepnewbie

    Willy's health update

    :)So good to hear this news, Willy! Wishing you ever increasing health and happiness this Christmas, and on through the new year!:)
  9. nepnewbie

    Plant display of the Month SPECIAL!, October 2023

    The Sarracenias are loving this cool wet autumn.
  10. nepnewbie

    Micro Lotus in a bowl

    I grow the northern Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera var. komarovii) outside in a large pond, where it has expanded across the whole pond. Earlier, I couldn't keep waterlilies in the same pond because muskrat would completely devour the plants over winter. Oddly they haven't ever touched the lotus.
  11. nepnewbie

    CarsonH photos

    @Carson Hardy, Nice plants and harvest! Have you tried the golden beet variety "Boldor"? It is an excellent fast grower,with exceptionally tender greens. I've grown it for several years now with great results.... enough to need new seeds for next year or if I want to try a late season sowing.
  12. nepnewbie

    Bog Planter Sarracenias Today

    Just a shot of our bog planter today. It contains mostly Sarracenias, one VFT (B52), Pogonia ophioglossoides, and several volunteer Drosera rotundifolia that arrived with some local live sphagnum.
  13. nepnewbie

    Latest In Bloom

    Paphiopedilum Louise Jernigan is back in bloom, and has a companion in Vanda Princess Mikasa 'Blue'. I had been a bit disappointed with weak flower colour of the Vanda on its first flowering for me (December 2021). Apparently bright summer sun brings out the best in this plant! Louise Jernigan...
  14. nepnewbie

    Lycaste puntarenasensis var. boquete

    In April, I took advantage of a pop-up sale of plants from Ecuagenera Orchids. Four new orchid species came home with me, along with a nice seedling of Anthurium veitchii (which quickly shed two leaves, but has now adjusted to growing conditions here). I am super happy that Lycaste...
  15. nepnewbie

    Nepenthes Truncata

    @TankyBoom , they have a fair number of other species and hybrid Neps listed on their website.
  16. nepnewbie

    Hello from Halifax NS

    I should have said 'Fellow Nova Scotians. I am near Digby.
  17. nepnewbie

    Nepenthes Truncata

    @TankyBoom , Tails and Scales ( has one N truncata for sale. I haven't had any experience with the seller.
  18. nepnewbie

    Hello from Halifax NS

    Welcome @Reyn Always good to see more Nova Scotians joining the group.
  19. nepnewbie

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

    Hey guys, the lowest flower now spans more than 10 1/2 inches from petal tip to petal tip.