Blazed Not Confused

My name is Cody, Im from and live in St. Catharines, ON(right beside Niagara Falls) I'm 38 with a couple kids and my wife, Coral. My first job I ever had, well over the table job was at Jeffreys greenhouse, where my mum was a supervisor, so I learned alot then and learned alot from my mum also. I have grown plants pretty much all my life, my biggest passion early was cacti and succulents and then once I was a bit older I started growing cannabis also(still do,even though legal iam licensed also), I truly love to grow all things green. Iam new to carnivorous plants, I've now been growing my two Venus fly traps for a few months but I've been reading, researching CP now for the last 6 months, I dive in deep once I'm interested in something which has been plants and reptiles for a long long time.
Feb 4, 1984 (Age: 40)
Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Painting and wallpapering



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